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I Never did Sugaring Before. What is it?

A special sugar and honey paste is applied onto the skin and than removed with a special technique with a specific set of motions depending on the skin type, body part and other factors. The main benefit of sugaring is that the motion is done in direction of the hair growth so sugaring specialist extracts the hair from the follicle, not just brakes it like its done with waxing. Regular body sugaring treatments leads to reduced hair growth meaning less hair, fewer treatments and a decrease in any discomfort.

What is Sugaring Paste? Is it safe?

Sugaring Paste is unique 100% organic material made of Sugar, Water and lime. Its so organic and non-toxic that you can eat it like a Candy. You really can:) The paste is applied at a lukewarm temperature and feels like a skin treatment. Sugar paste is very easy to remove from the skin, has no smell, color and leaves absolutely no marks as its completely removable with a warm water.Sugaring Boston uses unique Sugaring Paste by Sugaring USA – 100% Organic and FDA Approved.

Does Sugaring Hurt? Is it as bad as Waxing?

All clients report their sugaring experiences to be less painful than waxing. Also skin redness disappears much faster. Sometimes in 2-3 minutes. Also if you start doing sugaring regularly your hair will become smaller, thinner and eventually when grown, will be almost not visible, much alike to baby’s hair.

How long my hair has to be before Sugaring Boston Appointment?

We recommend your hair to be from 1/8” and up. Skilled professionals from Sugaring Miami can work with any hair length and will keep you informed about everything that’s going on during your appointment.

How often should i get Sugared?

We generally recommend to get sugared once in 3-4 weeks, but depending on your skin and hair type it can be up to 5-6 weeks. The general rule is – the more often you do it, the thinner and more invisible your hair becomes. Ask your Sugaring Esthetician about your skin type and how often you should get sugared.

Where are you located? How Do i make an Appointment?

  • We are located in South Beach Miami, Florida.
  • You can book your appointment right on our website – its fast and easy. Your will get email and text message with appointment confirmation and reminder few hours prior to your treatment.


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